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Vestigo Steel Grey (20 & 22)

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  • Premium brushed hardware
  • Super slim profile
  • Single pass
  • Soft & silk-like nylon for improved comfort
  • Laser-cutting technology for the sizing holes & ends
  • Flying keeper for optimal adjustment
  • Ballistic weave for extreme durability
  • Length: 325mm - perfect for any wrist size
  • Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Width: 20mm & 22mm

''Is it too long for my wrist? No, here's why not and why it's better this way. Click here to learn.''

Softer, silkier, lighter, slicker, more comfortable and much more durable. Probably the best nylon watch strap you have ever tried.

The Armilla Vestigo Steel Grey is a premium quality seat belt nylon watch strap. It features a luxurious look and feel while maintaining the extreme durability and performance of a military type watch band. The 1.2mm slim, single pass nylon allows for a low profile on the wrist with no noticeable height added. This is an improved and modern take on the MoD nylon straps created by the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the '70s.

Included items:

  1. One set of 1.3mm spring bar pins
  2. One set of 1.5mm spring bar pins
  3. One 21x14.8cm space shuttle print


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