Custom lengths now also available for the nylon NATO straps

What makes a great NATO watch strap?

While taste regarding the style of a NATO watch strap, the colours or hardware finish is subjective, there are a few general things that make for a great NATO watch band.

 Armilla G10 NATO Watch Strap Blue 18, 20, 22 and 24mm

 Featured item: Aero-Ballistic Ice Blue on a Seiko Samurai SRPB09


 Although the concept of a G10 NATO watch strap was still interesting, I bet most of you were disappointed when you bought your first NATO strap. The chances are that you found the material cheap looking with an unpleasant gritty touch.

We use two types of super soft, silky and durable seat-belt nylon: a 1.4 mm thick weave nylon featured in the Aero-Ballistic collection  and a 1.2 mm thin weave nylon featured in the Vestigo collection.

Orion Diver Watch on the Armilla Moss Green G10 NATO watch strap

Featured item: Aero-Ballistic Moss Green on Orion Calamity Diver

Armilla Vestigo nylon NATO watch strap

Featured item: Vestigo Steel Grey


Another problem that you've probably had with NATO watch straps is the adjustability. It is either too short and not enough material is left to fold back inside the keepers or too long without the possibility of adjusting it properly.

In order to ensure optimal adjustment on any type of wrist size we use our signature length of 325 millimetres and a flying keeper. For more information about this please read 'How does the Armilla NATO strap fit on the wrist'.


The hardware is another important part of a NATO watch strap, of any watch strap for that matter.

For that, we use full solid 304L stainless steel hardware for our straps. 

Seiko Alpinist on Armilla Green NATO watch strap

Featured item: Aero-Ballistic Moss Green on Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Sizing Holes

 Believe it or not, the shape of the sizing holes has an important role in the durability of the strap.

In order to further improve the durability against fraying we use heat sealed round-shaped sizing holes for all our straps. Like all the other features, this is a tested and well considered feature of our straps.

Photos by @tyalexanderphotography (Instagram account)

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