Custom lengths now also available for the nylon NATO straps

How does the Armilla G10 NATO strap fit on the wrist?


Being one of the longest, if not the longest G10 NATO watch straps out there at 325 mm total length, some of you are concerned about it being too long. Here's why it's not too long and why it's better this way.
Let's start with a few questions.

What is a G10 NATO watch strap? 

It's a long piece of nylon or leather that it's installed from the top end of the watch, under the case and back up through the lower end of the watch. 

Who invented it and what is its purpose?

Invented by the British Ministry of Defence in 1973, this type of strap was designed for military use under extreme conditions. It was meant to be used by soldiers on the battlefield and reduce the rate of loss of a watch and improve the way in which the watch could be used. For example, a pilot fighter could easily wear the watch on top of the sleeve making its functions readily available.
A short G10 NATO watch strap is like a diver watch with low water resistance or a chronograph with no function. Well, that would be awkward, wouldn't it?  

What is the average wrist size for men and women?

The average wrist size for women is 6 inches or 15.24 centimetres and for men it is 7.25 inches or 18.41 centimetres. The Armilla watch straps are made to fit wrists as small as 5.5 inches or 14 centimetres and up, making it the perfect size for any wrist.
So, here is how the Armilla NATO watch straps can be adjusted for optimal fit.
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